Articles tagged with visual-art

John Crowley Elizabeth Hand John Darger
John Crowley Elizabeth Hand

Celebrated novelists John Crowley and Elizabeth Hand discuss Hand’s new novel and the ways that historical fiction can and cannot answer our questions about the past.

Nell Painter Freedom from Truth installation
Jonathan M. Square Nell Painter Walter Johnson

After retiring from Princeton, celebrated historian Nell Irvin Painter decided to go to art school. In this interview with Walter Johnson, she discusses what it’s like to be an old student, and how art lets her tell truths about history that she couldn’t as an academic.

Alexis Boylan AI creativity
Alexis L. Boylan

Two new books about machine creativity mostly reveal how little appreciation we still have for the full range of human creativity.

Alexis Boylan Matthew Fox-Amato Exposing Slavery
Alexis L. Boylan

Slavery and the Civil War were central to the development of photography as both a technology and an art.

Anthony Paletta

Yugoslavia produced a thrilling variety of buildings—frequently departing from the prefabricated monotony of the Eastern Bloc.

Crowley Gorey Irma Vep
John Crowley

The cult artist and author proves an evasive subject for biography, a fact that would surely have delighted him.

Lybarger Indiana feature_0
Jeremy Lybarger

In his acerbic and often hilarious Village Voice column, Gary Indiana documented a cultural world being lost to AIDS and corporate greed.

Svetlana Boym

A close look at post-Soviet commercial advertising reveals that market norms never really took hold—even among capitalists.

Daniel Penny

The modes of perception and living that we attribute to Instagram are rooted in a much older aesthetic of the picturesque.

SN Catapult and Shadow
Suchitra Vijayan

From scrapbooks to family albums, the people of Kashmir have recorded their history in photographs. A new book presents their visual testimonies.