Articles tagged with short-story

A_bird;_a_nightjar_(Caprimulgus_europaeus) Fiction
Kalpana Narayanan

The winner of Boston Review’s annual Aura Estrada short-story contest.

chu_36 Fiction
John Chu

The future is messy. He’s learned to wander only a few seconds ahead.

mutts Fiction
David Riordan

Duchess, the dog that Jack and his dad brought home, is sitting by the kitchen table in a pair of women’s underpants.

8674872171_5f4c7d77cf_b Fiction
Phyllis Alexander

The Harper brothers acted as if they didn’t see Lola or her car, right in front of them, plain as day.

violin Fiction
Tania James

In later years I will come to avoid him, but for now, I am eight years old, and the man everyone says is my father is sitting in the living room.