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Pamela S. Karlan

Strange bedfellows on the bench are a source and a sign of the Constitution’s flexibility.

Pamela S. Karlan

The framers of the Constitution did not anticipate political parties.

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Pamela S. Karlan

In the marriage and voting rights cases, the world outside powerfully affected the court.

Pamela S. Karlan

The Constitution assigns the job of carrying out its vision to all the branches of government, not just to the judiciary.

Pamela S. Karlan

As of 2010, more than 5.85 million American citizens were disenfranchised because of criminal convictions. This is troubling. 

Pamela S. Karlan

When the justices belittle the political branches, they hamper the government’s ability to solve our most pressing problems.

Pamela S. Karlan

Today, the vast majority of felony defendants depend on appointed counsel to represent them, and the quality of representation varies wildly.

Pamela S. Karlan

Justice Scalia betrayed originalist interpretation when he defended an individual right to own guns.

Pamela S. Karlan

When Obama was sworn into office, there were 55 vacancies on the federal bench. There are now more than 75.

David V. Johnson Pamela S. Karlan

Pam Karlan on the Supreme Court’s Health Care Ruling.