Articles tagged with immigration

Elizabeth Cullen Dunn

Refugee camps, intended to be temporary, host people for an average of 12 years.

A black and white image of a crop field, with a farm and silo in the background.
Claude S. Fischer

Below the surface–and sometimes above it–a lot of today’s debates around immigration reform are about cultural assimilation.

A building at Angel Island, with two stories-- the bottom tan colored, the top white-- situated against a forest.
Louis Fisher

Federal courts have been busy scrutinizing the government’s handling of immigration.

Carasik - Artesia slide
Lauren Carasik

Immigrant families imprisoned in Artesia, New Mexico, say their due process rights are being violated.

Owen Fiss

Laws imposing social disabilities on immigrants are at odds with constitutional guarantees of equality.

David Bacon

Migrants are dying as they cross the Mediterranean. Is there a better way?

With photographs by David Bacon.

Adam Goodman

Our enforcement-on-steroids immigration policies take their toll on potential migrants.

Tanya Golash-Boza

Latinos are a growing portion of the population, with an increasing capacity to swing outcomes at the ballot box.

John Bowen

Exaggerated fears about Muslims misread history and misunderstand multiculturalism’s aims.

Stephen Ansolabehere

Most of the demographic change in America today comes not from waves of new immigration, but from the echoes of past migration.