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John Bowen Aziz Rana

Islamophobia is a shared project of the Democrat and Republican parties, long preceding the rise of white nationalism and Trump.

Joshua Cohen

A pluralistic democracy is built on debate, disagreement, and wakeful action. This forum begins the conversation.

Steve Healey

Daniel Borzutzky and Solmaz Sharif explore the poetics of war and exile, pushing the boundaries of a national literature.

Colin Dayan

Undocumented immigrants face horrible conditions in U.S. detention, with little legal recourse.

Andrea Mammone

For many EU citizens in the UK, the Brexit vote means the end of home as they know it.

Alex de Waal

The vote will have consequences far beyond the UK's borders. 

Ban Ki Moon at WHS_feature
Elizabeth Cullen Dunn

The UN's World Humanitiarian Summit came up empty-handed.

Holly Case

Prominent Hungarian intellectuals have taken surprising anti-immigrant stances.

Paul Linden-Retek

Europe must accept that post-nationalism, by nature, is porous at its borders.

Aziz Z. Huq

It is time for the United States to take responsibility for the war it encouraged in Syria.