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Alex de Waal

At USAID there’s one simple thing you can commit to: no famine.

Tom Hundley

Islamic jurisprudence does not encourage abortion, but unlike the Catholic Church, it does not absolutely forbid it.

Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow

Anti-vaxxers need to relax.

A Black doctor in a blue medical shirt helps put yellow full-body protective gear with white head coverings, on volunteers.
Michele Barry

The real reasons this outbreak has turned into an epidemic are weak health systems and lack of workforce.

An older art piece of the Grim Reaper, flying in an orange sky with billowing robes, digging his scythe into the crowd below. "Le Cholera" is printed at the bottom.

From a historical view, there was a time when alarm, even a run-to-the-hills psychology, made sense in reaction to a disease appearing on our shores.

Jenny Hendrix

In Thrown, Kerry Howley explores the fleeting ecstasy of a brutal sport.

Norman Daniels Bruce Kennedy Ichiro Kawachi

How greater economic equality would promote public health.

Simon Waxman

The buffer zone decision is wonderfully logical but also divorced from real experience.

Anne Fausto-Sterling

Men's hormone levels correlate with their pregnant partners. Some men even experience morning sickness.