Articles tagged with global-south

Max Haiven

With the invasion causing a global shortage of sunflower oil, palm oil is back on the rise. But the commodity’s bloody history is instructive of how global capitalism can and can’t be fixed.

Manoj Dias-Abey

A new geoeconomic order is creating opportunities for organizing along supply chains.

Baiocchi Silva Jair Bolsonaro
Gianpaolo Baiocchi Marcelo K. Silva

Since taking office in January, President Jair Bolsonaro has not only become less popular. He has also done perhaps irreparable damage to fundamental democratic institutions.

Gaiutra Bahadur

Neel Mukherjee is part of a new generation of Indian writers dissecting postcolonialism’s failed promise of a classless society.

Maytha Alhassen

Trump’s Muslim ban was not just an abberation: U.S. citizenship has long been predicated on whiteness as it was understood in 1790.

Joseph H. Carens

The moral right of states to apprehend and deport irregular migrants erodes with the passage of time.

Jack Halberstam

Feminism and trans* activism have been at odds for decades. They don't need to be.

Naseemah Mohamed

On the enduring legacy of a dictatorial ruler.

Nalo Hopkinson

Nalo Hopkinson on the politics of dystopia, writing from the Global South, and the enduring importance of black mermaids.

Miguel Syjuco

An open letter from a Filipino writer to his fellow citizens.