Articles tagged with europe

Daniel Petrick

The award-winning documentary ‘Honeyland’ sets out to offer a timeless environmental parable, but in the process it also explores misconceptions about the region’s culture and history. 

Adele Lebano

With few restrictions and no tracing of the disease’s spread, the government is relying upon Swedish character and traditions to see it through the pandemic.

Paul Hockenos

Germany's low death rate and quick payout of relief to workers makes a case for social democracy as preparedness.

Holly Case

The winner of the National Book Award for Translated Literature serves up an apocalyptic vision of Hungarian society.

Yuliya Komska

Far-right leaders often call for one nation united under one language. At the same time, they have always been good at using translation to spread their politics.

Anthony Paletta

Yugoslavia produced a thrilling variety of buildings—frequently departing from the prefabricated monotony of the Eastern Bloc.

David R. K. Adler

But it is increasingly difficult to question Israel’s policies without accusations of anti-Semitism.

Svetlana Boym

A close look at post-Soviet commercial advertising reveals that market norms never really took hold—even among capitalists.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes

The pontiff still hasn't commented on Ireland's abortion referendum. That could all change when he visits the country in August. 

Carlos Fraenkel

The focus on Muslim anti-Semitism obscures the real quandary of multiculturalism in Angela Merkel’s Germany.