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April/May 2004

What We Owe to Parents. Anne Alstott on how public policy can support the hard work of raising children. With Robin West, Amy L. Wax, Eva Kittay, Dorothy Roberts, Deborah Stone, and Richard A. Epstein. Stephen M. Meyer on the extinction crisis we’ve already lost; Peter A. Diamond and Peter R. Orszag’s practical plan to save Social Security; Helena Cobban on the uncertain future of secular Palestinian nationalism; Diego Gambetta on post-9/11 irrationality. National Poetry Month: Hank Lazer on the radical democratization of American Poetry; Marjorie Perloff on Ezra Pound; Rachel Cline on Bruce Wagner; Jascha Hoffman on the Riemann Hypothesis; a story by Ander Monson; Alan A. Stone reviews Gillo Pontecorvo’s Burn! Poems by Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, Li Hou Zhu, Caroline Knox, and Toni Burge.


October/November 2000

A debate on a universal basic income with Philippe Van Parijs and responses from William Galston, Peter Edelman, Anne Alstott, Emma Rothschild, Herbert Simon, Wade Rathke, and others. Dmitri Tymoczko on the musical philosophies of Milton Babbitt and John Cage. Patrick Erouart-Siad on Haitian literarture and political disaster, Tom Bissell on Richard Powers’ Plowing the Dark, Jill Eisenstadt on Lucinda Rosenfeld’s What She Saw. Plus fiction by Diane Williams, new translations of Paul Celan, and more.


Summer 2004

Inside: How Can the Democrats Win? Rick Perlstein, with Ruy Teixeira, Daniel Cantor, Elaine Kamarck, William A. Galston, Adolph Reed Jr., Robert B. Reich, and others. Rajan Menon on ending the standoff in Chechnya; Martha C. Nussbaum on why women were mutilated in Gujarat, India; Paul Hockenos on Joschka Fischer. Susie Linfield on photographing cruelty; Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom on reading China; Grace Paley on Harvey Swados; poetry reviews by Calvin Bedient, Andrew Zawacki, and Larissa Szporluk. Poems by Adrienne Rich, David Lehman, Carol Ciavonne, and others.


March/April 2014

Suzanne Berger leads a forum on how finance gutted American manufacturing, with replies from Dean Baker, Dan Luria and Joel Rogers, Dan Breznitz, Susan N. Housman, and others. Plus, Sarah Hill investigates utopias, Anne Fausto-Sterling questions biological norms, Stephen Burt lauds the Baroque aesthetic,  and Oded Na’aman asks what makes a meaningful death. Poets Robert Pinsky, John Ashbery, Rae Armantrout, and others on surveillance. And, April is National Poetry Month.


September/October 2013

Pamela Ronald leads a forum on GMOs with replies from Marc Gunther, Margaret Mellon, Rosamond Naylor, Nina Fedoroff, Jack Heinemann, and others. Samuel Farber explores Raúl Castro’s Cuba; new translations of Edmundo Paz Soldán; Leland de la Durantaye on Italo Calvino; Alice Whitwham on John Ashbery, and more.