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To generate local, inclusive prosperity, cities must think beyond tech accelerators and science parks and instead embrace a wider range of innovation strategies.

Dan Breznitz

Market fundamentalism has failed to improve economic and social conditions. Now, we need a mission-oriented approach to the economy that embraces an active role for government in spurring growth and innovation.

Josh Ryan-Collins Mariana Mazzucato Rainer Kattel

AI can be used to increase human productivity, create jobs and shared prosperity, and protect and bolster democratic freedoms—but only if we modify our approach.

Daron Acemoglu

Biden may have rejoined the Paris Agreement, but diplomacy isn’t enough. To decarbonize the economy, we must integrate bottom-up, local experimentation with top-down, global cooperation.

Charles Sabel, David G. Victor

If women’s suffrage was the battle of the twentieth century, women’s representation will be the battle of the twenty-first.

Jennifer M. Piscopo

Besides overturning the very structure of higher education virtually overnight, COVID-19 will also accelerate a number of troubling longer-term trends—including less public funding and a migration of courses online.

Jeffrey Aaron Snyder

A political appeal to “the people” is a central element of democratic societies. Can we imagine a revitalized, multiracial populist politics today?

Adom Getachew

There are two problems with anger: it is morally corrupting, and it is completely correct. 

Agnes Callard

For the sake of justice and democracy, we need a progressive wealth tax.

Emmanuel Saez, Gabriel Zucman

For decades, shareholder primacy has obscured the fact that employees should do well when businesses do well.

Lenore Palladino

It’s time to rewrite the narrative of “Trump Country.” Rural places weren’t always red, and many are turning increasingly blue.

Elizabeth Catte

Traditional worker organizing has failed on every level. But new approaches are finding success, pointing the way to a more just future.

Sarita Gupta, Stephen Lerner, Joseph A. McCartin
mill zuckerberg

How can democratic societies protect—and protect themselves from—the free flow of digital information?

Henry Farrell, Bruce Schneier