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Annette Zimmermann Elena Di Rosa Hochan Kim

We need greater democratic oversight of AI not just from developers and designers, but from all members of society.

Michael D. Gordin

Many take the separation between science and politics for granted, but this view of science has its own political history: it was developed, in part, as an anti-communist tool of the Cold War.

anthropocene and the end of liberalism
Geoff Mann

The Anthropocene challenges liberalism’s vision of permanent progress. So why has it become another technocratic tool of liberal bureaucracy?

Lesly-Marie Buer

Harm reduction strategies have their roots in 1980s HIV activism, but they are starting to spread in rural America in response to the opioid crisis.

Michael E. Staub

Twenty-five years later, The Bell Curve’s analysis of race and intelligence refuses to die. Reckoning with its legacy may help redirect the conversation in urgently needed ways.

smart cities book reviews
Ruth Miller

What happens when we reframe complex social and political issues as technical puzzles? Two new books challenge modern cities' over-reliance on data and technology.

melancholia bonnie honig boston review
Bonnie Honig

In the face of climate apocalypse, the rich have been devising escape plans. What happens when they opt out of democratic preparation for emergencies?

Troy Vettese

Beneath the jargon, a new UN report serves up a revolutionary response to climate change.

Dayton Martindale

A new book on climate change deploys an old theme, pitting man against nature. This is not only wrong; it stands in the way of a just future.

David Carroll

Were data crimes perpetrated against U.S. voters? We are about to know a lot more.