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Sierra Pettengill Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

Watch our release of documentary short The Rifleman, which examines how NRA head Harlon Carter fused gun rights, immigration enforcement, and white supremacy. Then read an interview with filmmaker Sierra Pettengill and historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz.

Helena Cobban

A recent Foreign Affairs article gets history wrong and obscures a robust Palestinian discourse.

Stephen Milder

The Greens are on track to become Germany’s second strongest party. For many, this is proof that abandoning radicalism was the right choice, but a new novel offers valuable insights into why it should be recovered.

Hari Ramesh

In his latest book, famed African political philosopher Mahmood Mamdani considers how to restore the full benefits of citizenship to permanent minorities in post-colonial societies.

Justin H. Vassallo

As we confront rightwing extremism in our own time, the history of American fascist sympathy reveals a legacy worth reckoning with.

Adam Przeworski

Leaders of the left abandoned the language of transformation in the 1980s—at a cost. Can it be regained?

Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins

In his new memoir the former president makes clear he had no intention of being a savior.

Christian Parenti Michael Busch

Far from a partisan for free markets, the Founding Father insisted on the need for economic planning. We need more of that vision today.

Ronald Reagan GOP Party of Ideas
Lawrence B. Glickman

If Trump was the end of the “party of ideas,” the rise of Reagan was its start. But what were those “ideas” in the first place, and were they really as new as people said?

Jonathan Beecher Field War on Thanksgiving
Jonathan Beecher Field

Some on the right insist that efforts to curtail Thanksgiving are in reality sinister attempts to rewrite the country’s history.