Articles in gender & sexuality tagged with race

Gili Kliger

The pioneers of cultural anthropology taught not just how to study other cultures, but how to criticize their own.

David Ritz Marvin Gaye
David Ritz

Grammy winner David Ritz, who cowrote Marvin Gaye’s legendary “Sexual Healing,” recalls how the song emerged from Gaye’s struggles with faith, drug addiction, and childhood abuse.

Christopher Lebron

Black women go missing—from civil rights history and from our lives.

Walter Johnson

A childhood steeped in guns shows that toxic masculinity and racism are at the heart of U.S. gun culture.

Judith Levine

Why did the alt-right, so eager to excuse Milo Yiannopoulos, finally turn on him?

Hugh Ryan

Many see gayness as inseparable from city life. But many LGBT Americans—particularly queer black folks—live in rural places. Their invisibility to the gay rights movement is a problem.

Karen Lepri

Dawn Lundy Martin discusses the impact of history on the poetic body.

Kenneth W. Mack

Crusading for black rights, women's equality, and gender non-conformity.

Karlan - slideshow
Pamela S. Karlan

In the marriage and voting rights cases, the world outside powerfully affected the court.

Alan A. Stone

The Academy’s voters rejected Brokeback Mountain, but the film marks an important moment in Hollywood history.