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witch protestors
Jessie Kindig

A woman’s body is both a site of exploitation and a site of resistance. It is out of this vexed space that the witch is conjured.

Sarah Sharma

From laundry to meal prep, apps tend to mimic maternal care. Is this good for women?

Michael Bronski

Seventies activists wanted to emancipate kids and destroy the nuclear family—so how did we end up with gay marriage instead?

Walter Johnson

A childhood steeped in guns shows that toxic masculinity and racism are at the heart of U.S. gun culture.

Judith Levine

Why did the alt-right, so eager to excuse Milo Yiannopoulos, finally turn on him?

Judith Levine

Hillary Clinton is the first major politician to support abortion without qualification. And she has never polled better with millennials.

Anne Fausto-Sterling

Many young children become obsessed with gender. How do we know which are trans?

Stephanie Burt

Poetry is offering new candor about the ways men care for their children.

Judith Levine

Moralistic efforts to guard against online predation do more harm than good.

Rebecca Onion

Richard Beck's new book on the moral panic over child abuse in the 1980s.