Love Poem

Which cannot be written tries anyway—
From one room to another, each time startled
And does not want to hear of the already

Passed through, the country of before.
At each door poem believes itself
In the room closest to the end

Where finally everything will be gone over;
Dismantled, held up, carefully laid back down
While talked into the beauty which can turn

In a minute. To hear of every other
Poem written is to begin
Revision and what cannot be left enough

Alone and so the lovers look at each other
Until none else can come near. Poem
Which never wanted anything but this

Tries anyway, oh so brave, unable to know where
She heads; unwrapping until only a gift
Which cannot be given as it cannot be let go.

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About the Author

Sophie Cabot Black is author of The Misunderstanding of Nature and The Descent. Her poetry has appeared in The Atlantic, The New Republic, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, and Poetry.

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