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Billy Anania Shellyne Rodriguez

Artist-activist Shellyne Rodriguez speaks with Billy Anania about museum labor practices and how Strike MoMA imagines a future of art for the people.

Erika Howsare

In a new book of lyric essays, poet Cole Swensen answers a call issued by theorists Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel: to reimagine the globe in terms of the fragile surface ecosystems that support all life.

Keith Haring ArtCenter World AIDS Day
Jackson Davidow

The history of 1989’s first annual Day Without Art reveals how museums rose to the challenge of responding to HIV/AIDS, and may offer guidance for how they can do so again in the face of COVID-19.

Lucia Moholy Bauhaus Elizabeth Hoover
Elizabeth Hoover

Lucia Moholy helped create the visual language of the Bauhaus, but when she fled the Nazis her work was stolen by Walter Gropius.

Alexis Boylan Ande Leon Talley
Alexis L. Boylan

A new memoir by long-time Vogue editor André Leon Talley paints a grim picture of a fashion industry in which people of color have few opportunities beyond serving the ambitions of white designers, editors, and executives.

Jonathan Beecher Fields Statues Racism Columbus
Jonathan Beecher Field

Activists fighting to remove statues of slavers and colonizers understand better than most how public memorials can be a form of violence.

Anthony Paletta

A draft executive order condemns the modernism of an aesthetic elite in favor of popular neoclassicism. The ensuing controversy has obscured not just the diversity of each style, but also the economic forces behind the business of building.

Judith Levine

The artist exploded the idea of what a book can be. For him, it was not a thing, but an instrument—something to do something with.

Hyman Bloom Female Corpse MFA Alexis Boylan
Alexis L. Boylan

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts’ retrospective of Hyman Bloom offers visitors the chance to engage with work that exemplifies how art can foster justice-minded, ethical looking.

Nicky Nodjoumi Helena Anrather New York Times Sketchbooks
Daniel Penny Nicky Nodjoumi

Nicky Nodjoumi is one of Iran’s greatest artists, but his politics have kept him in exile since 1980.