Articles tagged with trump

David Barsamian Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky on his new book, the Capitol coup attempt, 2020 unrest, and the prospects for progress under Biden.

Bernard E. Harcourt

The Republican Party has become a white nationalist party. If old fashioned politics can’t change that, we must consider alternatives.

David Walsh

Joe Biden positioned himself as the “return to normalcy” candidate. But normalcy is not something we can afford—we must actively resist it.

Archon Fung

Unless we bolster its foundations, our enfeebled democracy won’t be able to solve any of the daunting problems Biden has singled out as priorities.

Joshua Cohen Reed Hundt

Part two of a conversation on voter turnout, vote counting, and what we can expect now. 

Andrew Elrod Mark Engler

Tax policies like New Jersey’s new Millionaires Tax are morally and economically essential.

huneke witches
Samuel Clowes Huneke

West German witchcraft trials after World War II reveal how political rupture can fuel magical thinking. What lessons might we draw for our own age of QAnon conspiracies, anti-vaccination, and strange COVID-19 cures?

Yochai Benkler

The party’s fifty-year strategy has reached an electoral dead end.

Trump Farage
Camilla Schofield Daniel Geary Jennifer Sutton

The simultaneous success of Trump and Brexit was no coincidence: white supremacist politics are international in scope and often share entwined histories.

Charles H. Clavey

The Frankfurt School on the appeal of authoritarianism—and how to counteract it.