Articles tagged with science-and-technology

Marco Ramos

Decades of biological research haven’t improved diagnosis or treatment. We should look to society, not to the brain.

Lawrence Rosen

Pioneering Afro-Brazilian geographer Milton Santos sought to redeem the field from its methodological fragmentation and colonial legacies.

Katharine S. Walter

Until COVID-19, tuberculosis killed more people each year than any other infectious disease. Its rising toll is increasingly fueled by mass incarceration.

Sandeep Vaheesan

Corporate restructurings are not a cure-all, but they would tilt the balance of power toward ordinary Americans.

Adam Gaffney

To meet the challenge of enduring spread in the years to come, we must prioritize primary care and community health over the profit-driven status quo.

David McDermott Hughes

Sunlight-friendly architecture could heat and illuminate buildings without expending any electricity.

John Crowley

Amazon’s Tales from the Loop has introduced a new audience to the speculative worlds of the Swedish artist, whose books depict worlds in which humanity has, in one way or another, run afoul of technology.

Sheila Jasanoff

Final response: Humility is more than a personal attitude. It should be a collective practice.

Jay S. Kaufman

Making the issue a matter of personality traits can distract us from the historical and material origins of our present crisis.

Jana Bacevic

Why do we fail to predict—and even more importantly, prevent—social and political crises?