Articles tagged with redesigning-ai

Anna Romina Guevarra

The pandemic increased demand and possibilities for automating care, but doing so may deliver racist stereotypes and unemployment for women of color.

Nichola Lowe

To support the work of the future, we must promote workers’ skills as crucial to technological progress.

Annette Zimmermann

Justice demands that we think not just about profit or performance, but above all about purpose.

Daron Acemoglu

Final response: It is not too late to put technology to work to create jobs and opportunities and to support individual freedom and democracy.

Rob Reich

The frontier of AI science should be in universities.

Lama Nachman

AI doesn’t have to be a total substitution. It can be a supplement.

William S. Isaac Shakir Mohamed Marie-Therese Png

Algorithmic oppression is rooted in the colonial project.

Aaron Benanav

We must rethink the connection between employment and economic growth.

Molly Kinder

We must also address the interrelated challenges created by the pandemic.

Andrea Dehlendorf Ryan Gerety

The problems go beyond the abstractions of democracy and liberty. New workplace technologies cater to punitive practices.