Articles tagged with poverty

Mike Konczal

Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century dismantles received economic wisdom on the nature of inequality—including the idea that it is necessary for a rising tide to lift all boats.

Graham Denyer Willis

The failure of institutions in São Paulo has paved the way for an ethic of organized crime. 

Mike Konczal

It's only fair, and other reasons why voters on all sides should agree.

Claude S. Fischer

Public housing has been a significant part of the debate over American government safety net programs.

Judith A. Levine

Welfare policy breeds distrust, which in turn undermines outcomes. Judith A. Levine offers modest proposals for how we can reach the most disadvantaged among us.  

Michael Gecan

Cities can make decisions. Cities can set their own priorities. Cities can resist the self-interested categories of those with extraordinary wealth.

Glenn C. Loury

Scarcity lays the foundation for thinking differently about poverty.

Vivian Gornick

The cause of Camus's native countrymen moved him, yet he yearned helplessly toward the European culture that had formed him.

Colin Dayan

Jonathan Katz has written the book about the Haitian earthquake. How does he contextualize the tragedy in the country's history?

Mike Konczal

Debt relief is fair. It would also be good for the economy. Why isn’t it happening? Politics.