Articles tagged with poverty

Erik Loomis

Terrible schools are still great for business in New Orleans.

Sekou Franklin

Half a century on, we need to recommit ourselves to correcting the conditions that undergirded the civil unrest of the 1960s. 

Simon Waxman

The new HUD desegregation rule is a democratic reform, not a utopian one.

Emily Clough

“Effective altruism,” the philanthropic movement founded on Peter Singer’s ideas, applies a consequentialist philosophy to the problem of global poverty.

Peter Singer

A minimally acceptable ethical life involves using a substantial part of one’s spare resources to make the world a better place.

An old sepia tinted picture of a factory building with a sign reading "Under Armour."
Lester Spence

We need to turn to the economic violence that attends police violence.

A black and white picture of cars parked under a Chicago overpass in 1994.
Claude S. Fischer

A bad environment can worsen the life chances not only of a child, but that of the child’s child.

A hand writes with a red Sharpie next to a black and white coffee mug.
Claude S. Fischer

How egoism can also lead to self-defeating self-blame.

Edward G. Goetz

Can Julián Castro stop HUD's demolition of public housing?