Articles tagged with poverty

Marshall Steinbaum

Capital in the Twenty-First Century raised important questions about inequality that the Ivory Tower would rather ignore.

Anke Hassel

Basic income is a seductive poison that would benefit the margins of society at the expense of the middle class and immigrants.

Brishen Rogers

Each week, another magazine, book, or think tank sketches a dystopian near-future in which automation renders workers unnecessary. Is a basic income the solution?

The Undercommons

A basic income that supplemented existing welfare structures could make everyone safer while ending the most pernicious forms of policing.

Paul Niehaus Michael Faye

Recipients of basic income continue to work, spend less on vice, and are able to invest in long-term plans.

Marshall Steinbaum

Two new books argue that the student debt crisis is a media myth. But they ignore the exploitation of disadvantaged students by for-profit colleges.

Erik Loomis

States are stealing from orphans to pad their budgets. And it's legal.

Thomas Paine_feature
Elizabeth Anderson

How did we come to view social insurance as socialist?

Capital dome_detail copy
Mike Konczal

Local government can't fix our problems. Only big government can.

Claude S. Fischer

Cities are now playgrounds for the rich, with the poor forced into suburbs.