Articles tagged with poetry

Boston Review

The poets on this list offer not answers or remedies but instants, instantiations of the power of the lived word as it unfolds for readers in real time.

Megan Fernandes

In Cortney Lamar Charleston’s Telepathologies, witnessing black death becomes an everyday thing.

Ryo Yamaguchi

Shane McCrae's new book, a finalist for the National Book Award, is an astonishingly precise account of a complex emotional past.

Chloe Forsell photo
Lytton Smith Chloe Forsell

America, she is not
is nearby, is
nearly in sight

Calista McRae

Lynn Melnick's jagged poems interrogate rape culture to reveal the absurdity of misogyny.

Claire Schwartz

In Kaveh Akbar's debut collection, language is not only a homeland, it is also displacement.

Sulak collage
Marcela Sulak

Two recent books, works of collage and fragmented biography, bring Czech masterworks to new readers.

Rob Crawford

Alan Felsenhal’s striking debut collection, Lowly, achieves something like early modern surrealism.

Marty Cain

Hackers, the Swedish poet Aase Berg's latest collection, depicts the feeling of late capitalism.

Liz Bowen

Vievee Francis's sensuously lyrical poetry, written against a backdrop of ecopolitical crisis, is wild for survival.