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C. X. Hua

Winner of the 2019 Boston Review Annual Poetry Contest

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Adam McGee Cheswayo Mphanza Domenica Ruta Ed Pavlić Ivelisse Rodriguez Sonia Sanchez Tyehimba Jess Yeoh Jo-Ann

A recording of the launch event for Boston Review’s new literary anthology, Ancestors. Renowned writers read their poems, fiction, and more.

Calista McRae Amit Majmudar
Calista McRae

Through careful and often irreverent uses of traditional poetic forms, Amit Majmudar offers affecting insights into geopolitics and contemporary life, from the War on Terror to hyperincarceration.

Sonia Sanchez 2
Christina Knight Sonia Sanchez

In this searching interview, legendary Black Arts poet Sonia Sanchez discusses the ancestral influences on her work and how art can give us strength.

Tyehimba Jess
Tyehimba Jess

The Sacred Black Masculine in My Life

Dennis Cooper Wrong
David B. Hobbs

Dennis Cooper became famous in the 1980s for his transgressive fiction about marginalized men. A new biography makes a case for what his works can offer readers now, in our era of deep suffering and infuriating indifference.

Ross Gay Dr J Be Holding
Eric Morales-Franceschini

In ‘Be Holding,’ celebrated poet Ross Gay interweaves the legacy of one of basketball’s greatest moments with a meditation on Black resilience.

Peter E. Gordon

Among the most innovative poets of European modernism, he forged a new path for poetry after the terrors of the twentieth century.

Lucia Moholy Bauhaus Elizabeth Hoover
Elizabeth Hoover

Lucia Moholy helped create the visual language of the Bauhaus, but when she fled the Nazis her work was stolen by Walter Gropius.