Articles tagged with poetry

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Lynn Melnick

An authentic and spirited book from a longtime character actor.

Raymond McDaniel

 A bird or beast appears in almost every poem in this collection.

Amelia Klein

“Stationed fast to parentheses of sleep and winter,” Allison Titus’s debut collection, The Sum of Every Lost Ship, probes the emotion of the (nearly) motionless.

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Elisabeth Divis

Poems that are haunted by visitations: the figure of memory, the personification of an idea, the poet as a teenager.

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Noah Eli Gordon

Birth, childhood, independence, sexual awaking, marriage, parenting, and death. 

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Richard Deming

Susan Howe’s, That This.

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Sean Patrick Hill

Poems that approach death with lyricism.

Kathleen Rooney

A ghost story—not in the flashlight-under-the-face, seated-around-the-campfire sense, but rather in the hauntological, Derridean one.

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Jay Deshpande

Transition and transience govern the obsessions in this first collection.