Articles tagged with poetry

Timothy Donnelly Dan Beachy-Quick
Marjorie Welish
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Nate Pritts

Poems whose  nabashed romanticism and faith in simple lyricism remain powerful. 

Paul Franz

The interests of a naturalist combined with Romani heritage.

Marina Read Weiss

Poems that present a world refracted through distracted consciousness.

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Kate Middleton

Poems where God is a constant presence. 

Elizabeth Gramm

The first English-language translation of the Turkish poet.

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Megan Levad

Kathleen Graber’s, The Eternal City

BK Fischer

“Gurlesque poets,” Glenum writes, “put the unabashed quest for female pleasure at the center of their poetics.”

Tess Taylor

If a travelogue were to arrive as writing, it might read like Maureen N. McLane’s two full-length collections of poems, Same Life and World Enough.