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Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson visits Stanford's Center for Ethics in Society to discuss objections to slavery and their implications for our understanding of equality.

Rob Reich
Rob Reich

Stanford's Rob Reich examines the role of foundations in democratic societies—the subject of his Boston Review forum essay What Are Foundations For?

Richard M. Locke
Richard M. Locke

Richard M. Locke visits Brown's Watson Institute to discuss the ideas from his recent forum essay Can Global Brands Create Just Supply Chains?

Rob Reich

Rob Reich discusses his views on philanthropy and democracy.

Susie Cagle

The story behind the municipal bankruptcy of Stockton, CA, illustrated.

Richard Locke Jens Hainmueller Dara O’Rourke Scott Nova

An Ideas Matter event held at MIT on November 3, 2011

Noam Chomsky Joshua Cohen

Video of an Ideas Matter event held at MIT on September 22, 2011

cohen & loury
Glenn C. Loury Joshua Cohen

BR Co-editor Joshua Cohen chats with contributor Glenn Loury on