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John Bowen Aziz Rana

Islamophobia is a shared project of the Democrat and Republican parties, long preceding the rise of white nationalism and Trump.

kara walker
Walter Johnson

What can W. E. B. Du Bois and the black radical tradition tell us about Trump's election and radical political action today?

Junot Díaz

Our critique of the present is essential to producing a future. 


Junot Díaz dissects Donald Trump's misogynist rhetoric and the larger societal forces that make it possible.

Boston Review

On December 2, 2013, the Center for Middle East Studies at University of Denver co-hosted a debate on Syria with Columbia University's Committee on Global Thought. 

David Gorin

Keston Sutherland and Geoffrey G. O’Brien in Performance

Noam Chomsky

C-SPAN filmed BR's event at MIT, where Chomsky spoke on the subject of his new book, On Anarchism: the political ideology, its history, current usage, and practicality.

David Keith

Harvard climate scientist David Keith leads a discussion about his new book, A Case for Climate Engineering, explaining climate engineering as a tool to combat global warming. He is joined by MIT political scientists Kenneth Oye and Stephen Van Evera. 

Mark Budolfson Blake Francis Hyunseop Kim Debra Satz

 Ethicists, economists, and others have developed a set of useful tools for deciding what to do when economic, environmental, and social values conflict. 

Ronald Deibert

Toward Distributed Security in Cyberspace