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kaddish candles
Simon Waxman

Despite the myth that deaths of the elderly are never untimely, the author mourns a friend, fifty years his senior, who succumbed to COVID-19. She taught him that a moral life entails wanting those rewards not only for yourself but for everyone.

Rigoberto Gonzalez Privlege of Ally
Rigoberto González

Allies can be powerful aides to social justice movements—but it is their responsibility to make sure they don’t become a distraction from the cause.

Peter Coviello Mercy Hours
Peter Coviello

On being awestruck by literature, and the necessary pleasures of intimacy—near and remote—during quarantine.

Amy Hoffman HIV AIDS COVID-19
Amy Hoffman

During the AIDS crisis, different contingents of the LGBTQ movement set aside their differences to prioritize mutual care. What can we learn from this strategy today? And why is it still so difficult to talk about AIDS?

Ileana Nachescu Walks in the Park Ramona Balutescu
Ileana Nachescu

December 22 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the overthrow of the Romanian socialist state of Nicolae Ceaușescu. In a work of memoir, Nachescu recalls growing up under communism and wonders about the world Romanians hoped would follow its fall.

David Ritz Marvin Gaye
David Ritz

Grammy winner David Ritz, who cowrote Marvin Gaye’s legendary “Sexual Healing,” recalls how the song emerged from Gaye’s struggles with faith, drug addiction, and childhood abuse.

Peter E. Gordon

A personal essay on family, death, and the healing power of music.

Micki McElya

Tara Westover's best-selling memoir may reveal more about the place of feminism in contemporary U.S. life than any book in recent memory.

Sujatha Gidla

Sujatha Gidla, born an untouchable in India, tells the story of her family.

Samuel R. Delany Junot Díaz

Junot Díaz interviews science fiction writer Samuel R. Delany about what it means to be an aging sex radical and why he wrote the essay “Ash Wednesday.”