Articles tagged with literature

Robert Baker

On the poems of Alice Oswald.

Magdalena Edwards

As questions about Neruda's death linger, a lost archive of unpublished poems, hidden amongst his notebooks, has surfaced.

Junot Díaz

Our critique of the present is essential to producing a future. 

Max Nelson

Between 1885 and 1943, three brilliant female novelists married young, to men who would never understand their passions or come to terms with the scope of their gifts.

"Das Lesekabinett," a painting by Johann Peter Hasenclever. A group of 7 old white men, dressed in 19th century European suits and formalwear, sit and stand around a table dimly lit by one overhead lamp.
Kevin Mattson

“What should be the starting point for twenty-first-century thought?”

Quyen Nguyen Tobias Wolff
John Crowley

Remembering Ray Bradbury (1920–2012)

Neel Mukherjee

An excerpt from Neel Mukherjee's forthcoming graphic novel. With art by Tom Uglow.

Alan A. Stone

Pride and Prejudice directed by Joe Wright.

Patrick Erouart-Siad

In Haiti, a militant, prophetic literature thrives alongside political disaster.