Articles tagged with literature

Marta Figlerowicz

A new generation of young Polish novelists has turned to dystopia to express Poland's cultural and economic contradictions.

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Boston Review

New poetry from Chen Chen, Jennifer Kronovet, Jennifer Scappettone, Alli Warren, and Andrew Wessels.

William Waddell

Susan Stewart's new poetry collection questions the power and potential of her own art. 

Neil Gordon

The art and life of John Fante.

Samuel R. Delany Junot Díaz

Junot Díaz interviews science fiction writer Samuel R. Delany about what it means to be an aging sex radical and why he wrote the essay “Ash Wednesday.”

Samuel R. Delany

“I’m known as a sex radical, but the fact is I felt there was a world of experience that had been slipping away.”

Geneviève Robichaud

The Book of Disquiet performs something like a literary vanishing point.

David Micah Greenberg

Poetry and activism share an uneasy relationship.

Valeria Luiselli

Following the 2014 immigration crisis, Valeria Luiselli began volunteering at a New York City immigration court. This is what she heard.

Joyelle McSweeney

Two new translations resurrect Mexico’s most enigmatic and paradoxical Baroque poet.