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Stonewall Mattachine Pete Buttigieg
Micki McElya

The press has crowned Buttigieg the inheritor of Stonewall’s legacy, but this doesn’t square with what we know of Stonewall activists and the world they hoped to create.

Walt Whitman Jeremy Lybarger
Jeremy Lybarger

On the poet’s bicentennial, we saw praise for his political idealism and gauzy reclamations of him as an LGBT ancestor. But it remains difficult to talk about the connection he saw between patriotism and his love of young men.

Haneke East Germany Gay
Samuel Clowes Huneke

A gay golden age in East Germany reveals that Soviet politics were more dynamic than we admit—and that gay rights has less to do with democracy than we tend to assume.

Andrea Lawlor Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl feature
Andrea Lawlor Spencer Quong

Andrea Lawlor’s Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl is being celebrated as the vanguard of a new trans lit. In this interview, Lawlor talks about Paul’s origins, trans identity, and the future of queer literature.

Jeremy Lybarger Andrea Dworkin
Jeremy Lybarger

Andrea Dworkin is remembered for saying that all sex is rape—even though she never said that. A new collection reintroduces the radical feminist to the next generation of “nasty women.”

Marta Figlerowicz Jozef Czapski
Marta Figlerowicz

From the bisexual demimonde of prewar Paris to investigating Soviet war crimes, Józef Czapski’s life encapsulates the extremes of twentieth-century Europe.

Hugh Ryan After Marriage
Hugh Ryan

Did the success of gay marriage erode the radical potential of queer politics?

Lybarger Indiana feature_0
Jeremy Lybarger

In his acerbic and often hilarious Village Voice column, Gary Indiana documented a cultural world being lost to AIDS and corporate greed.

Michael Bronski

Seventies activists wanted to emancipate kids and destroy the nuclear family—so how did we end up with gay marriage instead?

Lawrence B. Glickman

The Supreme Court’s Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling continues a terrible trend of valuing businesses more than employees and customers.