Articles tagged with israel-and-palestine

Assaf Sharon

The militarization of Jewish supremacism in Israel.

Seth Lazar

If Hamas uses civilian shields, is the IDF responsible for their deaths?

F. M. Kamm

Many more Palestinians have been killed in Gaza than Israelis. Is this, on its own, justified?

Boston Review

Revisit these pieces from the BR archive on the region’s prospects for peace.

Yarden Katz

The Church is taking charge of the role its own funds play in enabling the criminality of Israel.

Susie Linfield

While “left” in the West is now a virtual synonym for anti-Zionism, the same is far from true in Israel.

Oded Na’aman

As you stand at the checkpoint, you must constantly consider the various ways in which you may be attacked.

Colin Dayan

Talking about Gaza is like talking about God. We face the ineffable. We cannot talk about what we see. 

Robin D. G. Kelley

Revolutionary Theater in Palestine

David Shulman

Farmers and Settlers Clash in South Hebron