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David R. K. Adler

But it is increasingly difficult to question Israel’s policies without accusations of anti-Semitism.

IDF Hebron 3 Feature
Oded Na’aman

War is almost always a choice, a madness we go along with.

Assaf Sharon

In Israel and Palestine, two states are still better than one.

A pile of yarmulkes patterned like soccer balls.
Elad Uzan

It is becoming impossible to ignore the growing theocratic elements in a nation that sees itself as the only democracy in the Middle East.

J. A. Bernstein

Serving in the Israeli army as a foreign volunteer.

A group of officials in suits wait on a red carpet laid across an airport tarmac. A set of red airport stairs from a jet is visible in the background.
Simon Waxman

“Reports of the demise of Israeli-U.S. relations are not only premature, they’re just wrong.” It is hard to disagree.

Omri Boehm

Can Israel Be Both Jewish and Democratic?

A group of men march with Israeli flags outdoors in Haifa.
Noam Chayut

On July 19 I joined a licensed march in Haifa against the Gaza war.

Jason Stanley

History has shown time and again that it is not possible to dehumanize an enemy while treating their cousins, aunts, and uncles with respect.