Articles tagged with immigration

Tsai birthright citizenship feature
Robert L. Tsai

The Fourteenth Amendment was shaped by freed blacks’ insistence that everyone born in the United States deserved full citizenship.

svetlana boym
Marta Figlerowicz

A new anthology is dedicated to the scholar who saw nostalgia as a radical rebellion against modern ideas of time.

trump king
Elizabeth Shakman Hurd

Trump v. Hawaii is not about religion. It’s about the president’s unlimited power at the border.

Robert L. Tsai

Jeff Sessions is fond of citing the Bible to support the persecution of immigrants, in stark contrast to a long tradition of biblical interpretation.

Robert L. Tsai Calvin TerBeek

We can’t fully appreciate the current anti-immigration moment without understanding the decades-long investment by right-wing movement politics.

Felicia Wong

Political lessons from the state of resistance.

Matthew Longo

It is an ever-widening surveillance zone that turns borderland citizens into guardians of the state.

Maytha Alhassen

Trump’s Muslim ban was not just an abberation: U.S. citizenship has long been predicated on whiteness as it was understood in 1790.

Joseph H. Carens

The moral right of states to apprehend and deport irregular migrants erodes with the passage of time.

Lauren Carasik

A recent conference made it clear: military and corporate interests will prevail.