Articles tagged with health

Rosie Gillies
Robert A. Aronowitz

In place of the hype over personalized medicine, we need a more sober evaluation of the meaning of health and health care.

Adam Gaffney

Atul Gawande helped popularize the idea that health care spending is high because we use too much medicine. He was wrong: it’s the prices, and who pays them.

Lesly-Marie Buer

Harm reduction strategies have their roots in 1980s HIV activism, but they are starting to spread in rural America in response to the opioid crisis.

Metzl Dying of Whiteness
Jonathan M. Metzl

State policies shaped by white supremacy increase mortality rates in much the same way as other manmade health risks, such as pollution.

Joseph J. Fischel

Debate over Title IX affirmative consent standards has assumed that consent is the best basis for a feminist sexual politics. But what if it isn’t?

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 10
Donna Murch

The success of OxyContin hinged on racially bifurcated understandings of addiction. The fundamental division between “dope” and medicine, after all, has always been the race and class of users.

Racist Logic_FINAL cover
Deborah Chasman Joshua Cohen

By examining the opioid crisis alongside the War on Drugs Murch brings an otherwise familiar story into new territory.

Merve Emre

Feminism needs better reproductive strategies.

Carl Elliott

New Zealand’s response to medical misconduct should be a model for the rest of the world.