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Paul Hockenos

Germany's low death rate and quick payout of relief to workers makes a case for social democracy as preparedness.

Boston Review Rosie Gillies

Your fourth of July reading. 

Jair Bolsonaro may be next president of Brazil
Gianpaolo Baiocchi Marcelo K. Silva

Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro is within an inch of the presidency. His popularity suggests Brazilian politics might never be the same.

Mark Goodale

Global justice requires that we look away from Geneva and New York to the outer fringes of global power.

Svetlana Boym

A close look at post-Soviet commercial advertising reveals that market norms never really took hold—even among capitalists.

ADLER mexican
David R. K. Adler

A ‘dangerous’ populist will likely be elected president this weekend—and he may be just what the country needs.

Engin Önder

Erdogan is all too easily labelled a populist. But the reasons for his popularity are more complicated.

Robin D. G. Kelley

America loves pitting Black intellectuals against each other, but today's activists need both Coates and West.

SN Catapult and Shadow
Suchitra Vijayan

From scrapbooks to family albums, the people of Kashmir have recorded their history in photographs. A new book presents their visual testimonies.

Umar Farooq

After Turkey's failed 2016 coup, retribution has become a farcical national obsession.