Articles tagged with food-and-agriculture

John R. Bowen

Food is becoming a target for anti-Islam politics.

Raj Patel

They are fighting in a global war over the future of agriculture. Modi is chocking the debate.

Troy Vettese

In a world unraveled by COVID-19, the brutality of factory farming demands we rethink our relationship to animals.

Troy Vettese

On the lure of climate entrepreneurism.

Jack Heinemann

Biodiversity should be maintained by using it, not by storing it under ice.

David McDermott Hughes

A rural town in Spain gives us a glimpse into the challenges we will face in a workless future.

Colin Dayan

On the cruelties the South doles out to animals, children, and black folks.

Sarah Hill

A tribute to one of the century’s great anthropologists and teachers.

Jesse Maceo Vega-Frey

Two men test their ethical and spiritual mettle by raising and slaughtering pigs.

Anne Fausto-Sterling

Why do our ideas about nutrition change so quickly?