Articles tagged with fiction

JR Fenn

Once I learned of the existence of mothers, I decided to order one for myself.

Domenica Ruta

Motherhood can be a crushing disappointment.

Tananarive Due

Stories are dangerous. They can get you killed.

Rosenberg feature
Jordy Rosenberg

“You used terms such as revolutionaries. Comrades. And, most illegally of all: lovers. Unmarried people who fuck each other without the goal of childrening. Well, I was sunk.” A tale of forbidden love in an age when corporations have replaced government.

Lindsay R. Taylor

Life is for living, my dead mother said.

Mike Jeffrey

He will surprise her on the anniversary of the end.

Kristen Gleason

“I wanted his body to begin and end elsewhere, at home, meaning his home, wherever that was, meaning even I, whose job was to include him, wanted him out.”

Tananarive Due

After the slave trade and colonization, history has become a dystopia.

Bryan Washington

Eventually, it became obvious that we didn’t have a mission. Or our mission, for what it’s worth, was the lack thereof.

Sarah Bruni

A mother is a mother, regardless of the latest information regarding her children.