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Adom Getachew Mengiste Selassie
Adom Getachew

Maaza Mengiste’s novels reject grand narratives, instead offering uncommonly intimate glimpses of what it was like to live through the century of war and dictatorship that created today’s Ethiopian diaspora.

Holly Case

The winner of the National Book Award for Translated Literature serves up an apocalyptic vision of Hungarian society.

MTA_NYC_Subway_R30_8506_interior Fiction
Samuel R. Delany

In a pre-Giuliani New York where pornographic theaters create communities of dissimilar people, a young blue-collar worker and a homeless ex-con forge a connection through their shared enjoyment of public sex.

Sabrina Helen Li Fiction
Toni Morrison Joy James
Joy James

A timely new documentary celebrates Morrison’s novels, but downplays the enduring power of her work as an editor and essayist.

John Crowley

Remembering Ray Bradbury (1920–2012)

rbs Fiction
Yuri Herrera

“Agent Probii’s first days as undercover agent were particularly disconcerting because within the city each resident spoke a different language.” 

Webp Fiction
Boston Review

A radical revisioning of our creative writing programs.

Vickers Year of the Rat Fiction
Zachary Tyler Vickers

“I wish you had those pills to help. Remember those?”