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David Hogg Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

David Hogg and Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz discuss replacement theory, the gunman’s manifesto, and how we organize against violent white supremacy.

Martin O’Neill

Center-left parties should learn that small-bore solutions are a waste of time.

Jacob Whiton

Support for pro-Trump Republicans remains driven by relatively well-off whites in fast-growing, rapidly diversifying suburbs—not by economic despair in rural America.

Ronald Reagan GOP Party of Ideas
Lawrence B. Glickman

If Trump was the end of the “party of ideas,” the rise of Reagan was its start. But what were those “ideas” in the first place, and were they really as new as people said?

David Walsh

Joe Biden positioned himself as the “return to normalcy” candidate. But normalcy is not something we can afford—we must actively resist it.

Archon Fung

Unless we bolster its foundations, our enfeebled democracy won’t be able to solve any of the daunting problems Biden has singled out as priorities.

Biden lebron
Christopher Lebron

We should condemn the president-elect’s record on race, but that does not foreclose hope for his administration.

Jan-Werner Müller

Basic norms exist for political parties; Republicans don’t meet them.

Reed Hundt Joshua Cohen

Part two of a conversation on voter turnout, vote counting, and what we can expect now. 

Michael Gecan

The only antidote to despair over national politics will be to generate and expand new solutions at local, state, and regional levels.