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Anne Fausto-Sterling

Many young children become obsessed with gender. How do we know which are trans?

Colin Dayan

On the cruelties the South doles out to animals, children, and black folks.

IDF Hebron 3 Feature
Oded Na’aman

War is almost always a choice, a madness we go along with.

Thomas Paine_feature
Elizabeth Anderson

How did we come to view social insurance as socialist?

lynch-banner feature
Christopher Lebron

Prosecutors are corrupting the intent of lynching laws.

Ban Ki Moon at WHS_feature
Elizabeth Cullen Dunn

The UN's World Humanitiarian Summit came up empty-handed.

Elizabeth Hinton

The enduring impact of President Johnson’s Crime Commission.

Michael Bronski

Suddenly conservatives want us to believe they care about homophobia.

Judith Levine

Rapists should be held accountable. But is more incarceration the best way?

Matthew Buckley

The quantum puzzle of mass.