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Christopher Petrella

The DOJ says it will stop using private prisons. The truth is more complicated.

Andrea Mammone

For many EU citizens in the UK, the Brexit vote means the end of home as they know it.

Simon Waxman

Trump may have just been running off at the mouth, but policy experts agree he’s not entirely wrong about our dysfunctional relationship with NATO.

Robin D. G. Kelley

The ideas in the movement’s new manifesto would enrich our practice of democracy.

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Matthew Buckley

The resolution of a tantalizing hint of new physics discovered last year.

Robert L. Kehoe III

The Olympics have long tried to obscure the political nature of sport.

Lauren Carasik

The U.S. turns a blind eye on the murder of environmentalist Berta Cáceres.

Rafia Zakaria

A new series explores how reading works by global women of color is generative.

Erik Loomis

States are stealing from orphans to pad their budgets. And it's legal.

Matthew Buckley

The history of false alarms leading up to the final discovery.