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Yuen Yuen Ang

Innovation is not just for elites. The poor and rural innovate all the time, using what they have.

Dan Breznitz

To generate local, inclusive prosperity, cities must think beyond tech accelerators and science parks and instead embrace a wider range of innovation strategies.

C. P. Chandrasekhar Jayati Ghosh

Financial globalization was supposed to spur development. Instead, it transfers money to the global North and exacerbates existing inequalities.

Paul Hockenos

Pushing back against the throw-away economy, the EU is designing an industrial policy around garbage.

Mariana Mazzucato Rainer Kattel Josh Ryan-Collins

Final response: Missions concern far more than scientific and industrial development. They are ultimately about public value creation.

Jake Werner

A crucial element is missing in recent calls to revive industrial policy: a robust internationalist vision for restructuring the global economy.

Teresa Ghilarducci Rick McGahey

Without centering labor in industrial policy, both the economics and politics will fail.

Nathan Lane

While this call for moonshots is stirring, it ultimately says too little about how to turn this vision into reality.

Suzanne Berger

The “moonshots” proposed could not be accomplished without a transformation of politics as we know it.

Julius Krein

Industrial policy must not lose sight of underlying economic issues.