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Wajahat Ali Haroon Moghul

The streets of Istanbul are alive with democratic politics—not dramatic upheaval.

Rob Reich

Rob Reich discusses his views on philanthropy and democracy.

Rob Reich

The modern foundation is an institutional oddity in a democracy. A democratic society is committed to the equality of citizens, but foundations are the voice of plutocracy.

Stephen Ansolabehere

The decline in turnout from 2008 to 2012 is a puzzle.

F. Daniel Hidalgo

Electronic voting in Brazil.

Pamela S. Karlan

As of 2010, more than 5.85 million American citizens were disenfranchised because of criminal convictions. This is troubling. 

Debra Satz David B. Grusky Rob Reich Doug McAdam

The writers—including Nobel Laureate in Economics Kenneth Arrow and bestselling authors Paul and Anne Ehrlich—lay out what our country’s principles are, whether we’re living up to them, and what can be done to bring our institutions into better alignment with them.

James J. Heckman

The accident of birth is a principal source of inequality in America today. American society is dividing into skilled and unskilled, and the roots of this division lie in early childhood experiences.

David V. Johnson

An Interview with Archon Fung

Richard White

There was a time when Americans valued "competency" over riches and saw wealth as the cause of poverty.