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David Hollinger Elizabeth Anderson Joshua Cohen

Elizabeth Anderson discusses her Wesson Lecture on slavery, emancipation and equality with BR Co-Editor Joshua Cohen and historian David Hollinger.

Rob Reich
Rob Reich

Stanford's Rob Reich examines the role of foundations in democratic societies—the subject of his Boston Review forum essay What Are Foundations For?

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Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson visits Stanford's Center for Ethics in Society to discuss objections to slavery and their implications for our understanding of equality.

Tinashe Mushakavanhu

An interview with activist Peter Tatchell

Albert W. Dzur

Juries hear only 4 percent of criminal trials in America. Their decline has fostered radical punitiveness, but reforms and novel institutions are breathing new life into the jury and civic participation more broadly.

T. M. Scanlon

It’s not clear how libertarians argue from their starting point of liberty to their policy conclusion of limited government and lower taxes.

Wajahat Ali

Ambassador Akbar Ahmed discusses the findings of his research into U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan and their effects on the region.

Rouhani FEMA
Akbar Ganji

Hassan Rouhani’s presidential election creates an opportunity for negotiations with Iran. President Obama should seize it.

Narendra Modi
Zahir Janmohamed

A new biography tells the story of his rise to political prominence.

Colin Dayan

Jonathan Katz has written the book about the Haitian earthquake. How does he contextualize the tragedy in the country's history?