Articles tagged with democracy

Aaron Benanav

We must rethink the connection between employment and economic growth.

Molly Kinder

We must also address the interrelated challenges created by the pandemic.

Andrea Dehlendorf Ryan Gerety

The problems go beyond the abstractions of democracy and liberty. New workplace technologies cater to punitive practices.

Daniel Susskind

The threat of automation requires stronger labor policy proposals.

Kate Crawford

AI/human “collaboration” is not the answer to the threat of automation.

Erik Brynjolfsson

When it comes to AI’s effect on the workforce, the real challenge is wages, not jobs.

Rediet Abebe Maximilian Kasy

Discussions about “fairness” don’t go far enough. We need to think more deeply about who controls data and algorithms.

Daron Acemoglu

AI can be used to increase human productivity, create jobs and shared prosperity, and protect and bolster democratic freedoms—but only if we modify our approach.

Raj Patel

They are fighting in a global war over the future of agriculture. Modi is chocking the debate.

Daniel Carpenter

The menthol cigarette citizen’s petition recalls the lost political tradition of petition democracy, when not only could the complaints of any citizen get a hearing, but that hearing would occur publicly—in Congress.