Articles tagged with democracy

Matthew Cole

Democratic theory points to two problems: unjust concentrations of power and a flawed theory of knowledge.

Lisa L. Miller

In the age of Trump, some progressives have embraced state power as a boon to democracy. We should be skeptical.

Joseph Fishkin William E. Forbath

Final Response: The path ahead is steep, but we have the intellectual resources to forge a more egalitarian constitutional order.

Sanjukta Paul

There’s far more to progressive political economy than market competition and reverence for business.

Kate Andrias

Achieving the potential of our founding principles requires us to ask hard questions.

Mark Tushnet

Past progressive legal traditions offer valuable lessons, but reformers must also look to the future.

Aziz Rana

In practice, domestic equality has often relied on dominance and exclusion.

Andrea Scoseria Katz

We must decouple the law from value-blind formalism.

Joseph Fishkin William E. Forbath

We must reject the legal liberalism that attempts to cordon off constitutional questions from democratic politics.

Amna A. Akbar Sameer Ashar Jocelyn Simonson

When we think, write, and act alongside movements, we help disrupt the everyday violence of law and imagine more radical transformation.