Articles tagged with cities

Nate File

Inspired by the work of James and Grace Lee Boggs, many young Detroit activists are turning to forms of mutual aid to meet the needs of their communities.

Randall Horton

Every city I’ve lived in has been filled with racism, whether out in the open or hidden in an invisible dialogue of economics and housing. Birmingham taught me to never question what it meant to be a Black American.

Celina Su

Cities must empower historically marginalized communities to shape how public funds are spent.

David McDermott Hughes

Sunlight-friendly architecture could heat and illuminate buildings without expending any electricity.

Joseph Margulies

Well-meaning nonprofits don’t go far enough in the fight against gentrification. Residents themselves must be in charge, and neighborhood trusts point the way.

Amanda Alexander Danielle Sered

Effective responses to violence—preventing it, interrupting it, holding people accountable, and helping people heal—already exist. We need to learn from and invest in them.

Dan Breznitz

Final response: To innovate is to be human.

Andrea Jimenez Cisneros Tony Roberts

Indigenous worldviews demonstrate that a radically different kind of innovation is possible.

Josh Whitford

Innovation is a social endeavor. We must not forget the need to invest in and sustain its social infrastructure.

Andrew L. Russell

Why should innovation-based growth be at the top of regional policymaking agendas?