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arundhati roy boston review
Avni Sejpal Arundhati Roy

Boston Review speaks with Arundhati Roy on censorship, storytelling, and her problem with the term ‘postcolonialism.’

M. Hakan Yavuz

In a bid to consolidate power, Erdoğan is reshaping Turkish politics in the image of the Ottoman past.

Jessie Kindig

Trump has promised a Korean "peace regime." But whose peace is being insured? And who is subject to its imposition? 

Miguel Syjuco

An open letter from a Filipino writer to his fellow citizens.

Vijay Prashad Mark Nowak

Vijay Prashad on writing, struggle, and hope in difficult times.

Odd Arne Westad

As Trump tweets us closer to war, a look back at North Korean nationalism may provide an out.

SN Catapult and Shadow
Suchitra Vijayan

From scrapbooks to family albums, the people of Kashmir have recorded their history in photographs. A new book presents their visual testimonies.

Sujatha Gidla

Sujatha Gidla, born an untouchable in India, tells the story of her family.

Tom Hundley

Islamic jurisprudence does not encourage abortion, but unlike the Catholic Church, it does not absolutely forbid it.